Saturday, 10 May 2014

World Fair Trade Day

I drink a lot of coffee. I joke that I am fuelled by caffeine only it isn't really funny, just fact. About a year ago I attempted a detox, on day two g stomped into the living room, thrust a cup of coffee into my hand and commanded me to "DRINK". I may have been a little less than lovely due to the needing a coffee-ness of the detox situation.  

At home my go to brand is the Cafedirect range. The whole range is fairtrade and they work directly with smallholders so the taste their coffee leaves in your mouth isn't bitterness at the fact that someone has been shortchanged.

However, despite the fact that I really would prefer my coffee to be ethical, my main reason for choosing Cafedirect is taste. I've tried a few of their coffees and always enjoy them. They are smooth and punchy without any bitterness. I can't always get my favourite Machu Picchu single origin which is just heaven in a cup.  I don't mind that it's rarer, it means finding it is a real treat and is also why a trip up the coffee aisle is undertaken every visit to the shops. This is a coffee so tasty I never want to dilute it with milk so will almost always drink it black.

I'm never stuck because the Medium Roast blend is much easier to get and is still a supremely tasty cup of coffee. The Medium Roast was also the first coffee in the UK to wear the fairtrade badge, a trendsetter.  This is also ever so good black but I'm not so precious with this one so will happily dilute with hot milk and foam.

I tend to buy ground coffee, because I'm not good at getting the quantities of beans to grind right. Also grinding beans prolongs the making stage and what I really enjoy is the drinking.  My favourite method is my trusty stove top percolator, like the one below but considerable less shiny and more dented, bashed and loved.

I drink black coffee in the morning, frothy milky coffees in the afternoon and am banned from drinking coffee after 7.30 in the evening.

*I have not received samples from Cafedirect.  All views are my own.

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