Friday, 2 May 2014

5 Favourite Posts - errrm

Well this is awkward. How do I choose my five favourite blog posts when I only have five previous blog posts? So I'm going to go slightly off topic for todays #BEDM.  

Writing yesterday about what my blog is about got me thinking about what I want to write about and in a genuine coincidence I came up with five. So in no particular order:-

My daughter is adopted. We're in the process of adopting number 2. I'm passionate about my daughter and the sad stories that make us a family. I'm pretty sure that there will be times when I use this blog to vent about the inadequacies and failings of our system for protecting vulnerable children. But I also want to shout about what a great thing adoption is and how grateful I am that I get to be a Mum.

As a chaotic, disorganised mess of a person it is of no surprise that I am chaotic, disorganised mess of a parent. Very occasionally I manage to get something right and you'd better believe that I'm going to shout about that. I am also more than willing to share tales of woe and disaster. Expect many more of the latter than the former!

I am evangelical about the restorative powers of a bit of fiction and the escape a good book can offer. It will be a minor miracle if this doesn't creep into the blog. Also expect to find reviews of book shops. I have just worked out that this is a flawless way of justifying hours spent amongst the shelves. Although I'm not sure how I'll justify the bags of books I will doubtless bring home, will work that one out when I get to it.

I'm lucky enough to be living in a house we plan to be in for a good wee while. When we bought it we believed that nothing needed doing and that a wee lick of paint every now and again would be all it needed. Don't worry we weren't under that illusion for long. In the two years we've lived here the garden has been redesigned, a bedroom has been added and my list of projects just keeps getting longer. The only issue is cashflow. Even with g being a guru of DIY and doing everything himself it is going to be interesting working out how we get the place looking the way we want it to with the money we don't have.

I started cooking aged 11 during a decade long foray into vegetarianism and have been playing in the kitchen ever since. I'm a feeder and love entertaining family and friends. When I became a stay-home-Mum I started baking a lot more, it was a brilliant way of making the other Mummy's like me and encourage them and their little darlings to come and keep me and smudge company. Baking to mask massive insecurity and social anxiety, hell yeah!


  1. Great post :) My sister and her wife are in the process of adopting, and from knowing nothing about the process this time last year, I feel as though I've learnt an awful lot recently! It is certainly a long process, but I'm sure a very rewarding one!

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your BEDM posts! :)

    Jane x

    1. Good luck to your sister and wife and how exciting a new niece or nephew for you. The process is grim but all worth it in the end. x