Friday, 9 May 2014

Procrastination is not a dirty word

Today's #BEDM prompt is motivation. I'm going off topic and refusing to blog about something which just doesn't factor into my life. I use two alarms and an irate 8 year old, terrified of being late for school, just to get my feet on the floor in the morning. 

While procrastination is a subject I am on extremely close terms with. I first learnt the word way back in the mists of time, well high school English class, and instantly knew it was a perfectly precise description of me. I do nothing today that I can put off until tomorrow. While I would dearly like to be different, I'm not. Procrastination is as big a part of me as green eyes or a dirty laugh. I also believe that staring your flaws in the face and accepting them can only be a good thing.

So I'm a procrastinator and proud of it. My desire to delay renders me incredibly well read "just one my chapter and then I'll..." I can pack a suitcase for a holiday in a matter of minutes. It also means my skills with the touche eclat are deft. Constantly staying up late to finish things and being too vain to show off under eye luggage will hone those skills. 

I'm really not sure of the sanity of using Ron Burgandy as a role model but this justification is iron clad.

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