Friday, 23 May 2014

Date Night

I married a cop. He did, and still does, look spectacularly good in uniform. I'm not allowed to post a picture here, he claims for security reasons. The fact he's a police office doesn't prevent him from telling great big whopping lies!

While the sight of him in dress uniform is definitely a tick in the pros column. A blot in the cons is shift work. It makes a normal social life an administrative nightmare. I have been to countless nights outs, family gatherings and even my little sisters wedding, where our daughter was a flower girl, solo.

The thing that gets me the most about him working shifts is that while couples snuggle up for date night across the land. I'm home alone, well not quite alone. Fighting with a bed hating 8 year old in the early evening and then later bored witless with television scheduling that screams "hey saddo. Everyone else is getting laid tonight."

But this is the rarest and most wonderus of weekends. A weekend off.

So Friday night looms. I have exfoliated, shaved, buffed and moisturised. I plan on feeding my child fish fingers and waffles and incurring her wrath as I wrestle her into bed early. Then I will light a couple of tea lights, whip something I've prepared earlier out of the oven and seduce my darling husband. By falling asleep on the sofa, snoring and dribbling on my own shoulder.

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