Thursday, 15 May 2014

Home Sweet Home

I'm a bit of a homebody. For me one of the best bits about a holiday or even weekend away is coming home, putting my key in the lock and knowing that waiting for me are all my favourite things, all in their allotted places. I love going away, it's just that for me coming home is an integral part of the experience.

I've posted before about Nana's bureau which might be my favourite place. But it might not be, I also love the weird hall bit between my living room and kitchen. The previous owners of our house added a great wrap round extension and there is a odd non-room area between my living room and the end of the kitchen where the table lives. It's too wide to be a corridor but hard to furnish or use because it needs to be kept clear so that ravenous children and husbands have a clear run to the table. On viewing the house I knew instantly what I was going to do with it, it was just a matter of finding book cases that worked in the space.

I was really lucky that the sizes worked perfectly with the very reasonably priced Ikea Expedit. I love that the furniture is all white as it really lightens what could be a dark area. Filling the shelves with books didn't prove to be an issue and I've had to get creative with the space as g is increasing concerned that the weight of still boxed books in our loft might bring down the ceiling.

I also had to accept that I was going to have to sacrifice 4 valuable shelves so that we had somewhere to put all of the pens, pencils, multicoloured papers, glitter glues, stickers and craft gubbins that smudge can't live without. Where could she have picked up this love of stationery???

The whole area was brought to life by the addition of a church pew.

Mind not just any church pew. This is a pew from the church g and I got married in. When the spectacularly beautiful Coldingham Priory was getting a facelift my Mum and Dad gave us one of the reconditioned pews as an anniversary present. It's the perfect place to sit and try to work out what I should read next.


  1. I love your pew & the romantic association, what a wonderful present.

  2. Such a gorgeous area. I love that pew, especially with the story behind it, and bookshelves crammed full always make me smile :)

  3. Thanks guys, I love a bit of furniture with a story behind it and the pew is a proper heirloom now.

  4. Love your bookshelves - I wish mine were that big. That church pew is awesome! :) x