Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wish list

I'm a list maker. I use wunderlist on my tech, but my favourite is obviously a pen and papery list. Bulleted with little stars, beautifully handwritten and space for a big tick when the task is complete. Making me far happier than it really should.

I list everything. From things that area already overdue to books I want to read. Last night in the midst of a healthy eating wobble rather than heading to the kitchen to binge on smudge's left over easter eggs I wrote a list. A muckle long list of all the food I wanted.

It was actually a really useful exercise. It was fun admitting I wanted maltesers, chip butties and jammy donuts. Especially without the guilt of actually eating them.

I use lists to calm me. During Tuesday's pity party listing featured. Two great big lists. One of things that make me smile, one of things that make me cry. The smile list was lots easier to write so I took comfort from that. But mainly I took comfort from the scratchy noise of my pen on the paper and the sense of achievement I always feel filling a page.

Since I'm a list maker extraordinaire it won't come as a surprise to learn I've used goal setting lists for a long time. I love looking back months down the line to see that normally I've done pretty well. At least with the realistic ones!

If writing in a notebook is powerful then maybe putting that writing out into cyberspace will make it supercharged. So my current goals are:-

  • Celebrating Christmas with 2 children this year.
  • Reading 50 books in 2014.
  • Spending my birthday comfortably wearing the size 12 jeans hanging in my wardrobe. 
  • Getting paid for my writing. 


  1. That is a great list - I look forward to the updates and wish you success with it. But, you've now made me want a chip butty....!

    1. Eek sorry. But if we're really honest when do we not want a chip butty?

  2. I think a personal wishlist is a great idea - although I'm severaly biased towards lists in the first place. At work I've been dubbed Hanna 'I Have A List!' Whitehead.

    I'd love to get paid for my writing too, but that's unlikely to happen as I have never even tried. I'll keep my fingers crossed that all your goals come true!

    1. I've not done anything about it either. I'm working on the principle that if I put the idea out there inspiration of what to do next might strike.

  3. Another hand up for being paid for writing! And I could murder a malteser - just the one mind!

    1. There is no just the one with maltesers. The sneaky little blighters float into my mouth until the packet is empty - there can be no other explanation as to how quickly I can demolish a sharing bag!