Monday, 26 May 2014

Bank Holiday Fun

Since smudge learnt to ride her bike we're always on the hunt for decent family cycles. Unfortunately, cycling from home is tough as there are lots of hills in every direction. Canal paths are billiant and when we worked out we could combine a cycle with a trip to the Kelpies all we were waiting for was for the weather and g's shifts to coincide and co-operate.

We parked at the Falkirk Wheel. Thankfully g was driving and he remembered we had the bikes on the roof and didn't attempt to get under the 2m barriers. This post may have been slightly different had I been at the wheel.

The canal paths are really well maintained and great to cycle along.  The canal is obviously thriving as we spotted heron, nesting swans and lots of different types of ducks. Unfortunately, we didn't spot any otters.  Possibly because they heard our approach and ran to escape the din of smudge singing Frozen songs - for 4 miles!

The Kelpies are spectacular. Nothing I have read or watched about them prepared me for the scale of these sculptures. Not only are they huge, they are beautiful. Even on a dull day the panels of steel shine. But when the sun keeked out from behind the clouds, briefly, they glimmered and sparkled in the sun - Twilight Kelpies!

There is plenty of space to walk around and admire them from different angles. So now all I need to do is come back on a beautifully sunny day to see them properly shine and I'd love to see them against a really stormy black sky.

The site has ample bike parking and a coffee & cake and burger stalls.  We didn't have burgers, they did look amazing. But I had a decent coffee and by the speed it was devoured I can only assume that smudge's ice cream worked for her. There appears to be some sort of building going up. So maybe next time we go there'll be a visitor centre or cafe to shelter in if the weather isn't as kind next time.

After a wander and posing for some pictures we got back on our bikes and raced back to the Falkirk Wheel. Why is it that smudge cycles twice as fast on the way home?

One day we might get a photo with all of us in it at the same time!

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