Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Defining Features

I'm not a fashionista, glamour-puss or style icon. Most days I just about manage to pull myself together and some days I even manage presentable. But if I'm making the effort to get out of my jammies I'll be putting on some form of make up.

This is partially because if I don't smudge asks questions like:-
"Mummy, you look funny. Are you poorly?"or "Why do you look so tired?" On the worst days she sticks to clear statements such as the classic "Your eyes look weird."

In her defence, she probably does have trouble recognising me without a healthy dollop of liquid eyeliner. Eyeliner flicks have been my go to look for a wee while.  Heck for longer than smudge has been alive.

My weapon of choice is the Lancome Artliner. At around £16 a pot it's not cheap but the felt applicator is a dream to use and I do find that one of these lasts way longer than my second choice.

Max Factor's colour X-pert liner is around £7 a pot and has a similar style applicator. However I do feel like I get more flicks from 1 pot of Lancome than I do from 3 pots of Max Factor so I can justify the spendy purchase.  

I need to be standing up to apply it right. I have no idea why, I do most of my make-up and hair sitting down but this makes for wonky flicks. I also pull the strangest faces when I'm applying it, much to smudge's amusement.

I use pictures to experiment with new styles as my Pinterest board will testify and always have a good gentle eye-makeup remover on stand by. I have to say that the best tip I got is that your face isn't symmetrical so don't stress if your flicks don't match perfectly. It's also worth remembering that very few people are going to be inches from your face scrutinising your application. Unless of course you associate with lots of people who have issues respecting your personal space.

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