Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Despite making time most days to write I don't have a set workspace. This is down to my aversion to technology in the creative process. I can't get the words from my head onto a blank computer screen. I need a pen in my hand and to see my scribbles on the page. So almost everything I type comes to life in a notebook.

This method satisfies me in a number of ways. Not least that I find filling notebooks, jotters and random loose pages intensely satisfying in a way that a word.doc could never fulfil.

Then there's the coffee issue. I drink coffee to lubricate and wake up my creative juices. It isn't a major issue when I dribble it or even knock it right over a notebook. But if he catches me with any liquid near his precious mac g will enter orbit. Admittedly, this is less to do with his neuroses and more to do with my clumsiness and pre cons with liquid based technological disasters. 

The biggie for me, and why I'm not in the least ashamed to be sticking to my notebook, is that I can write anywhere. I don't need a power point. I don't even need a flat surface.

When the sun shines I write in the garden. When I'm knackered but have something I need to get out of my head and onto the page I write in bed. I write curled up in my armchair pretending I'm ignoring Hollyoaks. I've been known to write in my breaks at work. I sit at Nana's bureau or the kitchen table and I empty my head onto the page.

When I sit to type I'm conscious of style, grammar, spelling, punctuation and all the other things that help a reader make sense of my ramblings. So while I'm sat between the living room and the kitchen I'm changing, reordering and fairly often laughing at my inventive ways around my inability to spell.

Doing #BEDM has made my newbie blog much meatier, there is actually some content to scroll through. I like this. But what I'm more chuffed with is that all this working out what to post means I'm powering through my purple notebook and it's nearly time to choose a new one... 

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