Wednesday, 28 May 2014

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Whilst I'm aware that I'm still in the first flush of blogging I am coming to the conclusion that this has the potential to take over my life. In fairness, I am a bit of a pro at obsessions. The reason I don't drink or gamble is my spectacularly addictive personality. So the obsession de jour is blogging. Less spendy than the shoe obsession of '03-'04 but not so good if I'm expected to stop reading and actually live a life.

Making time for the writing is not an issue. I have been scribbling almost everyday for a while. But the reading, how do I make time to read ALL the blogs?

Rather than merrily linking to my entire bloglovin' follow list I thought I'd list just two favourite new finds.

An Armchair By the Sea - Home of the Ninja Book Swap which I am excited to have just signed up for. Bex's seems to have very similar reading tastes to me so I'm looking forward to finding some new favourite books through her. Although I haven't picked up a book in days, what with all my time being spent reading blogs!

Nick King's World -  Adoptive Dad who writes spectacularly about family life. His 3 year old reminds me so much of smudge at that age. Although smudge has never flooded the house with a hose through a cat flap, why do I feel that this sentence needs a yet?

Although I do feel really sad that I haven't mentioned several other blogs. It's making me think that a new page might need to be added with lots of listing...

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