Monday, 5 May 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Hooray today has a name. This is a good thing. Days with names are celebrations and celebrations have accompanying food. I do like days where you have to eat.

So despite having no connections whatsoever to Mexico, even tenuous ones I really have wracked my brain, today we celebrated Cinco de Mayo.

We celebrated with a BBC Good Food Chicken Mole. Partially because I like it but more because the ancho chillies were in a big packet and Chicken Mole is the only recipe I have managed to find which uses them - so far...

I should at this point apologise for using the BBC Good Food website picture. I'm not ashamed to admit that after I've been cooking for what seems like weeks the idea of delaying my dinner longer to take a picture does not compute so I'd eaten most of my tea before the thought even occurred to me - sorry. I've linked the pic so getting clicking if you want the recipe.

It takes a bit of making what with long stewing times and shredding chicken etc. but is well worth the wait and left us with very festive feeling tummies. Even though I am still at a bit of a loss as to what Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of.


  1. It looks really good and sounds really good but I know it would be totally too hot for me!

    1. Really isn't that spicy. The ancho chillies are smokey rather than burny. Smudge (who is 8) wolved it down with only a tiny bit of soured cream. Try it you might surprise yourself x