Monday, 23 June 2014

Weekend Perfection

I'm starting this week basking in the glow of a weekend well lived. What with getting g back for a weekend, sunshine, a solstice and the impending summer holidays. Life is pretty damn good.

Saturday was a lazy day. I spent the day pottering; reading, planting and cooking. My herb garden is in and looking so lovely.

This spot under the kitchen window is perfect for a wee herb garden. It's sunny, sheltered and now that it's been dug out and filled with compost and bark the perfect place for tasty herbs. I've been growing herbs from seed on the kitchen windowsill. So the chives and thyme are pathetically weedy.

Previous experience has taught me that they won't stay like this for long. With this in mind, I've done the sneaky with the mint. I've left it in the pot and planted it like this. I'm hoping that this contains the roots so that it doesn't completely take over. My first herb garden ended up a mint patch and this bad boy will be closely monitored.

Sunday morning was beautiful and sunny. I got to admire Saturday's efforts while drinking coffee in the garden for breakfast. I love that sat on my patio no-one can see me. I can drink coffee in the garden in my jammies. Well I can on the 4/5 days a year that I wouldn't drown or catch hypothermia.

After a long and leisurely breakfast it was time to beautify and titivate for the Cushion and Cake Tea Dance.

An excuse to put on a posh frock is always appreciated.

The tea dance was lovely. Afternoon tea and dancing with my favourite girl. What more could I ask for? I managed to be very well behaved and didn't just stand in the middle of the dance floor spinning and swishing my petticoats. Tempting as it was. I do love to twirl...

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