Wednesday, 15 January 2014

In praise of 'stupid' shoes

These are my favourite shoes.

I'm not going to go into all the reasons why they are my favourites but suffice to say I adore them and the way I feel when they are on my feet.

So I wore them yesterday.  I'm not sure many people turn up to an adoption panel in 15cm heels.  Well I do.

I'm a Mum who works part time in a coffee shop my opportunities for dressing up and wearing amazing shoes are severely limited.  The council doesn't maintain the pavements well enough for me to totter round to do the school run in these and I'm sure that the health and safety bods would comment if I tried to wait tables in these.  So when an opportunity to dress up presents itself I grab it, completely accepting that my toes might nip by the end of the day.

Yesterday I needed confidence.  An adoption panel is pretty intimidating.  There were 9 people sat hanging on our every word as the Chair quizzed us on why we felt we were ready to adopt a second, what we had learnt in the 6 years we've been parents and other questions that less than 24 hours later I've completely wiped from my mind.  But when I'm wearing shoes with shooting stars trailing rainbows nothing can phase me.  How could life be anything less than amazing with shoes like this?

The adoption panel obviously agreed.  We've been approved as prospective adoptive parents and now just need to be patient while they find us our second child.  I'm not sure I have shoes to make patiently waiting possible but at least if I'm wearing my favourites my feet will look fabulous as I impatiently tap my toes.

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