Saturday, 5 August 2017

A Big Bold Move

Well it would appear that we are spectacularly shit at 2 year plans. At the beginning of this year g and I decided to begin saving for the big move, with the hope that we would be ready to relocate in Summer 2019.

The universe had other plans. Some serious saving and a brilliant run of overtime means that we will be living in Forres in September. As in next month!

Our house sold in a matter of days and the house which we saw online weeks ago waited for us and our offer was accepted the same day we viewed it.

I'd love to tell you all about my beautiful new home. But unfortunately, in our infinite wisdom we have bought a smelly, minging, old ladyfied mess of a place. We will of course be moving straight into and attempting to live in it, with a toddler and a pre-teen with Asperger's, while we make it the beautiful family home I know it will be, eventually.

There is just the small matter of a new kitchen, 2 new bathrooms, new floors, the complete decoration of every room and the whole heap of other things including stoves, decking, patio doors and the like. The to do list thus far runs to four pages of my A5 notebook.

I am beyond excited. Terrified and daunted but mainly excited.

I'm hoping that inbetween all the cleaning, DIYing, haemorrhaging money and probably tears over our pig headed stupidity that I might get to write about the process. Well if I'm walking headlong into a probable breakdown it might be fun to bring a few spectators along for the ride.

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