Thursday, 23 October 2014

Slow days

I was so excited to be able to instagram a photo of me holding our baby girl's hand way back on the 19th of September. I was confident I'd be blogging about meeting her and settling her in within days, if not hours.

I certainly didn't think it would be weeks later. I had forgotten parenting small people makes time speed up to dizzying proportions. Before you can blink it's been 7 days since you've washed your hair. Thank you dry shampoo. Adult conversation on topics other than feeding or poo begin to take on a mythical quality. And downtime is for collapsing on the sofa knackered but in my case still grinning manically. 

The last four weeks have been a crazy whirlwind of meets and greets, laundry, long walks with a buggy and a sulking dog, laundry, early nights and early rises, more laundry and of course getting to know our newest girl.

Puff, for that is her nickname, is an absolute delight. She has possibly the chubbiest cheeks I have ever encountered, this is saying something given the set I see checking my reflection. She is alert and interested in anything and everything. A terrifying prospect now she is beginning to master directional rolling, the cats most of all view this with deep mistrust and have, for now, eschewed sleeping on anything below waist height.

Smudge is well and truly smitten. From day one of the introductions it was clear who Puff favoured and being able to identify herself as the favourite has done wonders for smudge's ability to bond, trust and welcome her wee sister. I am not in the least ashamed to say that the sight of my 2 girls giggling at each other has and still does reduce me to a sobbing, snotty mess.  It's bloody marvellous.


  1. Sounds like you're having a fine time. Welcome back to cyberspace, looking forward to the further adventures of Puff, Smudge & you!